A Few Gifts from last week.

Friday, September 22, 2006

These beautiful roses were given to me for my birthday las week. It was really a nice thought. I always forget how much I love roses until I get some. (Which is NOT very often!) Aren't they gorgeous? They certainly made up for the not so great time I had on my actual birthday. Next one I am not going to be going anywhere unless someone else is driving.

This was a great present that I got from Grandma Peggy (my would-be Mother in law). I have been trying to learn to knit, whaich I have had some limited success at. Knit. Purl. Not much to it, or so I thought. My biggest difficulty is when I put it down and come back to it and I can't remember where I am at. Anywho, Peggy gave me this awesome knitting project package that has just about all the things I need for taking it to the next level.

She even started a hat for me when she was over watching the kids for me one day. That is the green yarn on the pink sticks that you see in the bunch. What more could I ask for?

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