Thursday, May 01, 2008

A few days ago I was so generously bestowed with a BLOG Award from the lovely ingénue behind Paper Elixir. You can read all about the rogue indie-award at her blog that is a very interesting mix of work and play and doggie love. (Her two Corgies are the cutest!)

I was told that there was no obligation with this award but since I would like to pay forward some bloggy-love I will now send off the award to five other very deserving candidates in the blogosphere. There are plenty of bigger blogs that I read that are also full of inspiration and would be deserving of an award but they already have their share of limelight so I am awarding some smaller blogs as they offer their own charms.

My picks are;

  • Every Little Thing -Long time fave of mine, packed with useful tidbits
  • Auburn & Ivory- Newer blog but excellent photos and design related info
  • A La Mode Stuff- Great finds
  • Pulp Sushi - Great info AND eye candy with a bonus of Etsy stat-watch ongoing
  • Jelly Beans Art - Angie’s lovely blog is very fun and full of colour and her DIY blogskin inspired me to try my hand at doing my own skins for Blogger.

Special Mention goes out to:

Please visit and comment. Comments make a blogger's day, if you did not know that already!
This particular award originates from a blog that is in Spanish (I think) and consequently I have not much info on it and it did not come with any image.


****Update: Here is the new Arte Blog Award Badge that I made up to go along with this award. Click on the badge to see the post and get the code if you have been awarded by an adoring fan!

3 witty words:

alamodestuff said...

Just happened upon this today. Thank you SO much! I'm honored. I shall pay it forward as well.

YOU made MY day!

Marilyn said...

Awww thank you SO much! You are so sweet!

Emilia said...

Thank you so much, Stacy! You have a rad blog and I am so honored!