Saturday, June 21, 2008

Since this blog has become a "go-to" place of late for people searching out alternatives to Etsy I thought I would conduct a small survey to see if anyone would like to see more detail about the posted alternatives.

I had mentioned doing a quick run-down of the various online storefronts to compare some basics in services like initial start-up costs, commissions, marketing and general membership information.

I still would like to do this but with the lists together now totaling more than 45 alternates I will have to break it down into posts featuring 5 each week. This will be a great summer project for me.

To help me out, see the poll at the left and add your 2 cents worth if you please.
As an added bonus I will be announcing a giveaway on Sunday the 22nd of June for anyone who votes in the survey and makes a comment.

See you all Sunday!!!

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Pam Hawk said...

I'm all for learning more. I discovered Etsy when I got frustrated with the difficult to install shoping cart options out there like OS Commerce an the like. Etsy was easy to set up and place (with a mini) directly into my website.

In truth, though, Etsy is not my dream solution because I'd like to organize the display of my items differently and what I want is not an option with Etsy.

Can't wait to read more about your findings!

Robin Honig Willens said...

Hi Stacy,
I'd love to hear about alternatives to Etsy. I am somewhat new to the online crafting world, so Etsy seemed like a great thing when I first discovered it. But I've since realized that there are some significant limitations to the site. I'd very interested in learning about other places to feature my cards. Thanks so much for doing this.
:) Robin

Aroma Fields said...

I'm very interested in learning of the Etsy alternatives. I've been with Etsy for over a year but I feel it's professionalism is beginning to slide.