Some Etsy Alchemy Rant

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yes it's true, I went on about the new and presumably improved Alchemy feature that was reintroduced not long ago on Etsy. And it is also true that the honeymoon stage for the feature was unfortunately short lived as I had predicted.

I have actually been holding in this rant for a while as I check Alchemy daily to see if my some miracle of miracles there might be some sanity mysteriously infused into posters. Alas, each day I am further disappointed at those who use the feature with their ridiculous lists of wants and needs.

Don't get me wrong, there are some very good and reasonable requests which offer more than fair compensation but those are few and far between. My (completely estimated and by no means scientific) guess would be that about 80% of the requests are underpriced in the "ideal price" offered by the posters. So With 20% of the reasonable bids left over and we all have our niche areas of expertise, artisans are left with some slim pickin's to bid on.

Seriously, just go on over there and read the laughable offers that are masquerading as requests on Alchemy. You'll see what I mean. It's hard to say which area gets the worst of it but my guess is probably custom jewellery orders and graphic design. Most of the jewellery (and the sewn goods gets a rough go too) are offered at near or lower than materials would cost the artist.

For graphic design it is quite appalling. $5 for business cards? Can you see the bird flipping you through the screen because you offered that insult to anyone? Oh, and you want it just so....yeah, keep that list coming.

What really gets me is the comments that people feel compelled to put up, as if they know their offers are appallingly low. "I can get it in a store similar for less so give me your best bid please" (Puhleeeeease!) Or the blatant "I saw what I want HERE (insert link) but I don't want to pay that much so I have the cajones to post this request on Etsy."

If you can find it elsewhere for less then why would you feel the need to bring your bid to the Etsy community? Can people be that oblivious to what it means to get something handmade by an artist? (Nevermind, the question is painfully answered on Alchemy every day.)

Yeah, it's REAL. A real underbid three ring circus over there.

End of rant.

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alamodestuff said...

LOL re: the bird flipping through the screen! I agree and basically stay out of alchemy because of it.

You're not alone!